Questions to Ask Contractors




  1. Do you have Workman's Compensation and General Liability insurance up to at least $1,000,000?


  2. Are you presently or have you ever been in litigation over a property you built?


  3. How much finished inventory do you have that is not sold, and

    that you are paying interest on?


  4. Tell me about your office.

    • Do you have an employee who oversees the day to day administration and keeps up with the books & finances?

    • Do you require your subcontractors to sign lien wavers & releases every time they receive payment?


  5. How long have you been building?


  6. Are you a member of the National & Local Homebuilders Association?


  7. Have you been to any continuing education classes in the last year?


  8. Are you a member of the Chamber of Commerce?


  9. Have you ever built a home that has a foundation like the one this house will require?


  10. Are you a Southern Living Custom Home Builder?